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The continued advancement of drug delivery technology is critically important in the drive to both increase efficacy and improve patient safety. The use of novel drug delivery systems is an increasingly important strategy for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to enable the delivery of new drugs while also extending the commercial life of their current drugs.

pSivida's Tethadur Technology is a platform drug delivery system that relies on nanostructuring to achieve optimal drug delivery. It can be used alone or in combination with our other technologies.

The properties of our Tethadur technology make it an ideal platform for advancing the development of drug delivery:

Unlike most polymer-based drug delivery systems, the manufacture of Tethadur does not require complex chemistry and the final product is pure silicon irrespective of the delivery characteristics imparted by the nanostructuring process.

Tethadur distinguishes itself from other delivery systems by its heat and radiation stability, simplifying the manufacturing and sterilization process.